There are two reasons why a writer would end a sentence with the word “stop” written entirely in capital letters STOP. The first is if the writer were writing a telegram… But there is another reason why a writer would end a sentence with “stop” written entirely in capital letters, and that is to warn readers that the book they are reading is so utterly wretched that if they have begun reading it, the best thing to do would be to stop STOP.

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The Hostile Hospital

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Sleepy Hollow



I listened to this story. I’ve seen and heard things related to this story but I never actually read the original. This is narrated by Tom Mison, the star of the Sleepy Hollow tv show (which I love). His voice is perfect and I found myself picturing his tv character at times while listening.

This was a bit funny and not very spooky, but I am glad I can finally check this off the list.