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9/1/19: Ghost stories
9/2/19: Genre: Horror
9/3/19: Creepy Crawlies
9/4/19: Amateur Sleuth (not on my card)

9/5/19: American Horror Story
9/6/19: Dystopian Hellscape (not on my card)
9/7/19: Fear Street

9/8/19: Black Cat
9/9/19: Relics and Curiosities
9/10/19: A Grimm Tale  (not on my card)

9/11/19: Stranger Things
9/12/19: Creepy Carnivals (not on my card)

9/13/19: Country House Mystery (not on my card)
9/14/19: Classic Horror (not on my card)
9/15/19: Supernatural
9/16/19: Psych (not on my card)

9/17/19: Darkest London (not on my card)
9/18/19: Cozy Mystery (not on my card)
9/19/19: Southern Gothic (not on my card)

9/20/19: Read by Flashlight or Candlelight (not on my card)
9/21/19: Modern Noir (not on my card)

9/22/19: Spellbound
9/23/19: Dark Academia
9/24/19: Deadlands

9/25/19: Slasher Stories

9/26/19: In the Dark, Dark Woods

9/27/19: It was a Dark & Stormy Night

9/28/19: Paint It Black

9/29/19: Truly Terrifying (not on my card)

9/30/19: Locked Room Mystery (not on my card)

10/1/19: Raven/Free Space

10/2/19: Full Moon (not on my card)

10/3/19: King of Fear (not on my card)

10/4/19: Vampires

10/5/19: Halloween (not on my card)

10/6/19: Sleepy Hollow (not on my card)

10/7/19: Diverse Voices (not on my card)

10/8/19: Demons (not on my card)

10/9/19: International Woman of Mystery (not on my card)

10/10/19: Film at 11 (not on my card)

10/11/19: Cryptozoologist (not on my card)

10/12/19: Stone Cold Horror

10/13/19: Baker Street Irregulars (not on my card)

10/14/19: Romantic Suspense (not on my card)

10/15/19: New Release (not on my card)

10/16/19: Monsters

10/17/19: 13 (not on my card)

10/18/19: Modern Masters of Horror

10/19/19: Genre: Mystery (not on my card)

10/20/19: Classic Noir (not on my card)

10/21/19: Serial Spree Killer(not on my card)

10/23/19: Aliens (not on my card)

10/24/19: Doomsday (not on my card)

10/25/19: Gothic





Currently Reading:


Zero Day by Ezekiel Boone

Skitter by Ezekiel Boone

The Hatching by Ezekiel Boone

Kill Creek by Scott Thomas






The Shuddering by Ania Ahlborn for American Horror Story

Let Me In by John Ajvide Lindqvist for Vampires

City of Ghosts by Victoria Schwab for Ghost Stories

Cold Moon Over Babylon by Malcolm McDowell for Terror in a Small Town


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Cold Moon Over Babylon by Michael McDowell


Cold Moon Over Babylon - Michael McDowell



Audience: Adult

Format: Audiobook/Owned


One hot afternoon in July of 1965, Jim Larkin and his wife JoAnn were slowly paddling their small green boat upstream on the Styx river that drains the northwestern corner of the Florida panhandle.

– first sentence



Well, things only go downhill for the Larkin family after that. In the present, they are barely holding on to the farm and the blueberry crop keeps dwindling. After Margaret is murdered, things get even worse. This victim is not going to rest easy and she is determined to make someone pay. But… who killed her and why?


This book is well-written, suspenseful, and scary. I enjoyed the character development and trying to figure out who the killer was. I also liked seeing Margaret Larkin’s ghost terrifying people. The final death is the best, well deserved, and perfect in the sense of irony and justice.


Well done and enjoyable. The middle was a tad slower, but the last quarter had me on the edge of my seat.


I read this one for the Terror in a Small Town square.

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Let Me In by John Ajvide Lindqvist


Let Me In - -Macmillan Audio-, John Ajvide Lindquist, Steven Pacey


Audience: Adult

Format: Audiobook/Owned


Blackeberg. It makes you think of coconut-frosted cookies, maybe drugs.

– first sentence


Let’s see, the narrator was amazing and I enjoyed listening to him. The story was creepy and the vampires were scary as hell. The human characters were highly flawed; there are no heroes in this story. Oskar is bullied relentlessly and puts up with it until he meets the new girl next door. The boys who bully him deal with difficult home lives. There are other characters who drink together and that’s pretty much it. There is also pedophilia, abuse, adult bullies, and parents who don’t seem interested in what their kids are doing. I would say this takes a dark and unflinching look at the more disturbing realities we try not to think about.


The reason I didn’t really like the book is because of that darkness. I’m better with stories that have less of the realistic evil and more of the supernatural I guess. I’m glad the book is over and eager to move on to something less disturbing.


I read this for the Vampire square.

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City of Ghosts by Victoria Schwab


City of Ghosts - Victoria Schwab



Audience: Middle Grade

Format: Kindle/Owned


People think that ghosts only come out at night, or on Halloween, when the world is dark and the walls are thin.

-First sentence


When Cassidy was drowning, she was saved by a ghost named Jacob. Ever since then, she can pull back the Veil and enter the spirit world. She can also see ghosts, and Jacob is her best friend. Her parents write books about spirits and they are going to host a TV show about the world’s most haunted places. They all travel to Edinburgh, Scotland where graveyards, castles, and passageways are filled with all types of ghosts. At the hotel, Cass meets a girl like her who can also see ghosts.


Cass is a strong, brave girl and Jacob is loyal and brave. I love their interactions and how her parents think Jacob is her invisible friend. Overall, the story moves quickly, is a little scary and has a lot of heart. I enjoyed reading this one and I think middle-grade readers will love it. It has a few scary parts, but nothing that will be too much for the middle-grade audience.


I’m looking forward to reading the sequel and finding out more about Jacob, Cassidy, and the next haunted place.


I read this for the Ghost Stories space.

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