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By a Spider’s Thread


By a Spider's Thread (Tess Monaghan #8) - Laura Lippman

Audience: Adult

Format: Kindle/Owned


They were in one of the “I” states when Zeke told Isaac he had to ride in the trunk for a little while.

– first sentence


I purchased this book in February and I don’t remember why. Maybe I saw a review I liked or maybe it was on sale and sounded good to me. Anyway, the Snakes and Ladders square called for a book I acquired in February and I didn’t have many options. So, even though this is not the first book in the Tess Monaghan series and I don’t think I read any of the others, I decided to go with it.


Tess is an interesting, relatable character and even though I don’t know her background or what she has been through, I enjoyed this book. Tess is a PI and her client is an orthodox Jewish man (Mark) whose wife (Natalie) and three children have disappeared. But, it looks like Natalie left of her own volition, and took the children. Mark says there were no problems in their marriage and there was no reason for Natalie to leave. But, after looking into things, Tess realizes that there is more to it, and Mark isn’t telling her the whole truth.


I spent most of the book trying to figure out why Natalie would leave her husband and go off with Zeke. He’s an asshole and he is horrible to her children, especially Isaac. Who would put up with that? But I guess she has romanticized their relationship and thinks things will eventually get better. The main question I had was will she eventually put her children first?


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