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T4 – by Ann Clare LeZotte


T4: A Novel - Ann Clare LeZotte

Audience: Grade 6 & Up

Format: Hardcover/Library Copy




Hear the voice of the poet!

I see the past, future, and present.

I am Deaf, but I have heard

The beauty of song


And I wish to share it with

Young Readers.

A poem can be simple,

About a cat or a red



Or it can illuminate the lives

Of people who lived, loved,

And died. You can make

People think or feel


For other people, if you

Write poetry. In T4, the facts

About history are true, and

My characters tell the story.


– first page


During World War II, the Nazi’s Action T4 program called for the euthanasia of mentally ill and disabled people. Paula, a thirteen-year-old deaf girl, fled from her home, and her family, and went into hiding in order to survive.


This is a moving account of one little girl’s survival told through beautiful, unflinching language. I loved this book and highly recommend it to young readers. It’s a short book and a great introduction to the novel in verse format.



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