The Ersatz Elevator - Lemony Snicket

The book you are holding in your two hands right now — assuming that you are, in fact, holding this book, and that you have only two hands — is one of two books in the world that will show you the difference between the word “nervous” and the word “anxious.” The other book, of course, is the dictionary, and if I were you I would read that book instead.


The Ersatz Elevator
Chapter 1


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Ersatz Elevator

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The Hero Two Doors Down




I read this book to the students in my Sunshine State Club. It’s the story of a boy (Stephen) living two doors down from his hero, Jackie Robinson in Brooklyn in the year 1948. The book was written by Sharon Robinson (Jackie’s daughter) and is based on “the true story of a friendship between a boy and a baseball legend.”

The kids loved the book and it was fun to discuss what it was like to live in the 1940’s. It’s hard for them to imagine life without a cell phone, let alone life where you can only hear baseball on the radio, instead of watching on tv. We learned about Jackie Robinson and his courage and integrity. We learned about egg creams, transistor radios, and stoopball. And we learned about what it was like to live in a Jewish neighborhood in Brooklyn in 1948. It was also fun to talk to the kids about who their heroes are and what it would feel like to be friends with them.

This book is great for elementary students, especially sports fans.

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The Miserable Mill - Lemony Snicket

Whether it was Uncle Monty’s library of reptile books, or Aunt Josephine’s library of grammar books, or Justice Strauss’s library of law books, or, best of all, their parents’ library of all kinds of books — all burned up now, alas — libraries always made them feel a little bit better.


The Miserable Mill
Chapter 4


Libraries make me feel better too. 🙂


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The Miserable Mill